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Henderson TN

Northeast of Nashville and beside Hickory Lake rests Hendersonville, Tennessee. One of the larger cities outside of Nashville, named after William Henderson, was established in the early 1780s. Voted by Family Circle Magazine as one of the most family-friendly communities in greater Nashville, Hendersonville has an active and collaborative community while next to the action and excitement of Nashville.

Hendersonville Real Estate Market

Looking to settle down and start a family, a place to settle down after becoming empty nesters, or even just wanting to relocate after retirement? Hendersonville is a perfect location for anybody. With available homes ranging from single-family homes, townhomes and condos, apartments, condos, and investment properties, you won’t miss your dream home when you search in Hendersonville. From larger to smaller budgets for your next home, Hendersonville is perfect for anybody, at any stage of life.

When it comes to the children moving to Hendersonville, parents and guardians can find relief in knowing that the Sumner Country Board of Education is full or dedicated educational professionals to guide your children through successful education. The Sumner County School District offers the best possible education for their students. Alongside the great education area that Hendersonville offers, residents are nearby Gallatin Homes, Madison and Nashville. The town itself and surrounding cities provide endless shopping, dining, and entertainment options. If you’re looking for a spot that is close to the action, but not right in the middle of it– Hendersonville is perfect for you. 

Hendersonville Home Prices

Even with the general housing market being on the higher side right now, Hendersonville is a prime location and price point. With median sales being $220,000, there has been at least a 9% price decrease in this past year. Average listing price is $305,984, making the median price-per-square-foot $109, with different styles of homes available for all of your needs.

Other home-styles that may fit your needs in Hendersonville include condos and townhouses, which start around $200,000. Single family homes began around $230,000, but it’s possible to find better prices if your agent is actively looking for them. In that price range, you can expect to find homes with 3-4 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. Looking for more than this? Luxury real estate starts in the $500,000 price range, and can go up to millions. In Hendersonville, there is truly a place for anybody.

Working in Nashville, but don’t want to live in the city? Hendersonville is an ideal option, just a 25 minute commute away. Want a night out, but don’t want to deal with Nashville traffic and city life? Then Hendersonville has you covered, with dinner, shops, and water activities. Being close to Nashville is a pro, but still having a “smaller” city life is enjoyable, which is what makes Hendersonville perfect for those looking for a good mix of both. An additional plus? Homes in the Nashville Metro area are less reasonably priced than those in Hendersonville.

Moving to Hendersonville, Tennessee?

At Michael Sanford, we understand that moving to a new city or a new state can be challenging, and deciding on the right spot for you and your loved ones is a big choice. We hope that the information we are able to provide you helps you feel confident in your decision. Have more questions, concerns, or want to know more? Feel free to reach out to us via phone call or email, we’d love to help you feel comfortable finding the right place for you to move, and finding your ideal home.

Hendersonville Neighborhoods


North and west of the Cumberland River lays Avondale, near the bay. Next to Bay Drive, Country Club Drive,  Bonita Parkway, Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club, Avondale is a beautiful neighborhood.

Caldwell Drive & Center Point

North of Vietnam Veterans Boulevard and alongside Long Hollow Pike rests the Caldwell neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to a large housing market with homes in Glenbrook Way, Goshentown Road, and Center Point Road. Single-family homes and construction homes combine to make this suburban neighborhood.

City Center

While not entirely in the center of the city, City Center is a neighborhood that extends south of Main Street to Hickory Heights Drive, and down to where Curtis Crossroads begins. Home to Lakeside Park Elementary, City Center is served by the Sumner County School District and has a large housing market with different styles of home available.

Cumberland Hills Drive/ Anderson Lane

In part of Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake begins the Cumberland Hills Drive/ Anderson Lane neighborhood, and expands up to the Cumberland River inlet and to Anderson Lane. Home to E.B. Wilson Night School and Indian Lake Elementary, this neighborhood is served by the Sumner County School District, and across from Sander’s Ferry Park.

Curtis Crossroads

The southern part of the Cumberland River to west of Langford Cove, Curtis Crossroads borders Sander’s Ferry and extends to Luna Drive. Named after the street, Curtis Crossroads, the neighborhood is in the Sumner County School District, and home to Walton Ferry Elementary.

Long Hollow Pike

With Long Hollow Pike running from west to east along the border, and Drake’s Creek Road on the southern border, Long Hollow Pike is in the Sumner County School District, and nearby New Shackle Island Road.


Bordered by Cumberland River, Rockland is also bordered by Walton’s Ferry Road and is served by Sumner County School District, and is nearby Gene W. Brown Elementary.


With main street intercepting the neighborhood, bordered by the collision of Drake’s Creek and Cumberland River, Saundersville runs from Maple Drive to Vietnam Veteran’s Blvd. Home to Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club, Hendersonville High School, Nannie Berry Elementary, and Robert E. Ellis Middle School, Saundersville is close to the water and served by Sumner County School District.

Shackle Island

Bordered by Long Hollow Pike, New Hope Road, Station Camp Creek Road, Mud Hollow Road, and Garrison Beach, Shackle Island is a neighborhood full of waterways and nearby the Ocana Community Center. With no schools in the neighborhood, it is still served by the Sumner County School District and several schools are just outside of the edges of the neighborhood.

Hendersonville Community Highlights

  • 18 miles north of Nashville, and about a 25 minute commute.
  • 20 Miles from the Nashville International Airport
  • Home to 4 parks, including Drakes Creek, Sander’s Ferry, Veterans Park, and Memorial Park.
  • Home to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) elementary school.

Hendersonville Utility Information

  • Water & Sewer: Hendersonville Utility District (615) 824-3717
  • Electricity: Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (615) 452-3725 (Voice)
  • Nashville Electric Service: (615) 736-6900 (Voice)
  • Gas: Piedmont Natural Gas (615) 734-0665 (Voice) (615) 734-1400 (Emergency Gas Leak)
  • Phone: BellSouth 1-888-757-6500 (Customer Service)
  • Internet, Phone & Cable Television: Xfinity Customer Service (615) 244-5900
  • Garbage Services: Public Works | Sanitation Department (615) 822-1016

Hendersonville City & Public Services

  • Administrative Offices: (615) 822-1000
  • Animal Control: (615) 264-5355
  • Business Licenses (City): (615) 264-5397
  • City Hall: (615) 822-1000
  • Codes Administration: (615) 822-3802
  • Codes Inspection: (615) 822-3802
  • Economic and Community Development: (615) 264-5329
  • Emergency Management Office: (615) 264-5321
  • Finance Department: (615) 264-5317
  • Fire Department: (615) 822-1119 (Administration)
  • Mayor’s Office: (615) 822-1000
  • Parks and Recreation: (615) 822-3898
  • Police Department: 911 or (615) 822-1111
  • Hendersonville Library: (615) 824-0656

Hendersonville School District Information

Hendersonville Information Resources

Henderson Real Estate Agents

Michael Sanford of Benchmark Realty
Michael Sanford of Benchmark Realty

Interested in the Hendersonville area, and want to learn more about the community, neighborhoods, education, or anything else? Feel free to reach out to us for accurate information about the housing market, what’s available for you, and to find the right home for you and your unique needs!